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11 Oct

Go for a Cruise on the Best Golf Cart Rentals in Key West

There are myriad methods of getting around Key West like the hop-on-hop-off trolley, car rentals, and bike tours. However, one of the best ways to explore the area around 1800 Atlantic is to hop on a Key West golf cart rental. The world around our Key West beach rentals moves at a leisurely pace, best […]

11 Oct

Florida Keys Family Vacation: The Ultimate Activity Guide

You did it. You and your loved ones finally made it to your Key West vacation home through 1800 Atlantic. You’ve been looking forward to this getaway all year, but now that you’re finally here, what’s next? Maybe you’ve clicked through more Tripadvisor pages than you ever wanted, and you’re still not sure where to […]

2 Oct

Key West

Key West is a historic part of the United States, and our Old Town neighborhood was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. This district is home to many Key West history sites and learning opportunities. You’ll find incredible food, exotic wildlife, beautiful ocean views, and tons of fun. 1800 Atlantic […]

7 Sep

5 Cocktails to Enjoy from Your Key West Beach House Rental

Save yourself from the crowded bars and drink tab by mixing your own tropical concoctions from the comfort of your Key West beach house rental. Make use of the fully equipped kitchens (including the blender!) in our cozy accommodations at 1800 Atlantic. Figure out which cocktails you’d like to sip from your Florida Keys condo […]

11 Aug

Book the Best Key West Eco Tours

The diverse and eclectic Florida wildlife around 1800 Atlantic is something you won’t want to miss. However, there’s only so much you can see on your own while exploring the tropical world outside of your Key West rental. Consider embarking on a Key West eco-tour where you’re bound to learn loads about the natural habitat […]

6 Jun

Explore Our Island on a Key West Bike Tour

One of the best ways to sightsee our gorgeous island is to partake in a Key West bike tour. Revel in the pleasantly warm Florida sun and ocean breeze as you pedal past palm trees, historic buildings, and picturesque beaches. Luckily for you, there are two top-notch bike tour options to choose from when you […]

25 Apr

The Top 3 Key West Beaches

It’s no secret that Key West public beaches are some of the best in the United States. After all, that was probably a huge contributing factor to you reserving a Key West, Florida, beach house with 1800 Atlantic. Instead of taking up valuable vacation time trying to figure out which beach to visit first, we’ve […]

29 Mar

The History of Conch Shells

Key West, Florida, is a vacation destination many people dream of visiting. From bright blue waters to white sandy beaches, there’s nothing not to love about Key West, and when you book your stay at 1800 Atlantic, you can guarantee that you’ll be located perfectly on the coast to watch the waves go by, walk […]

14 Feb

Go Scuba Diving: Key West Dive Charters, Sites & Lessons

From the moment you arrive in Key West, you’ll be surrounded by unbelievable beauty. The palm trees reach for the sky, the birds and flowers paint the landscape with their colors, and the turquoise ocean waters stretch on forever. It’s paradise. But the sights extend beyond our island shores. To witness the scenery under the […]

14 Jan

Hemingway House: Key West Museums for Book Lovers

There’s nothing like opening up a new book on the beach. And when you visit Key West, it’s only fitting that you should read a work by one of the world’s most renowned authors: Ernest Hemingway. The literary legend lived and wrote some of his most famous books here, including A Farewell To Arms. In […]

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