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Hemingway House: Key West Museums for Book Lovers

There’s nothing like opening up a new book on the beach. And when you visit Key West, it’s only fitting that you should read a work by one of the world’s most renowned authors: Ernest Hemingway. The literary legend lived and wrote some of his most famous books here, including A Farewell To Arms. In addition to reading his stories and trying your hand at writing on the beach, be sure to stop at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum during your stay with 1800 Atlantic Vacation Rentals. It’s one of the best Key West museums and a can’t-miss part of any book lover’s vacation.

History of Ernest Hemingway in Key West

In 1928, Pauline and Ernest Hemingway arrived in Key West for the first time. That initial visit turned into a decade-long permanent residence. The couple had many good friends and adventures during their time here, and their influence remains strong today. For Ernest Hemingway, Key West was an important part of his career. Even after moving away, the people he met and the places he saw often appeared in his writing. The house they owned, now one of the best Key West museums, is just 10 minutes from our 1800 Atlantic beachside vacation rentals.

Visiting the Hemingway House Key West Museum

The main part of visiting the Hemingway House in Key West is the house itself. However, the gardens are another beautiful part of the experience. The house was built in 1850, the Hemingways purchased it in 1931, and they remodeled the property throughout the 1930s. It’s still the largest residential property in Key West, which is just one of the many Ernest Hemingway interesting facts you’ll learn during your tour.


The gardens are what really set the Hemingway House apart from other Key West museums. They are full of lush, tropical plants and six-toed cats descended from the Hemingways’ family cat.

Books to Grab at the Bookstore

Before leaving the Hemingway House in Key West, pick up one of the pieces he wrote while living in here:

  • A Farewell To Arms | 1929
  • Death In The Afternoon | 1932
  • Winner Take Nothing | 1933
  • Green Hills of Africa | 1935
  • To Have and Have Not | 1937

Staying near Key West Museums and Beaches

For most of Florida’s visitors, the beach is the main attraction. Our Key West rentals are near the beach and the Hemingway House, so you can pick up a new book in the morning and spend the rest of the day reading by the sea. We hope you’ll fall in love with Key West lodging just like Hemingway did. Contact us today to book your stay!

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